Epiphany Season

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The Season of Epiphany

The Season of Epiphany begins with the celebration of Epiphany, the commemoration of the arrival of the Magi from the East to worship Jesus, the Messiah.  The season is marked by a number of themes: giving and receiving of gifts, hospitality, baptism, and living as “children of light” in the world.

The Feast of the Epiphany

At Church of the Resurrection, we begin our celebration of the season with Epiphany worship and fellowship, featuring the traditional Epiphany Cake.


An Epiphany House Blessing

During the Season of Epiphany, it is especially appropriate to schedule House Blessings.  A House Blessing is a service of blessings, room by room, in your home.  It may include the service of Holy Eucharist, if so desired.  The service can be combined with a community and family house-warming, or it can be designed for a few participants.  A House Blessing is suitable for times of transition into a new home or following a period of distress or change.  Contact Rev Ellen, if you would like further information and/or would like to schedule a House Blessing in your home.

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Expanding our Understanding

Our Instructed Eucharists feature a narration to explain various parts of the service, which address questions about the liturgy that have been submitted by congregation members.  We continue this offering periodically throughout the year.  If you have a question regarding the worship service, please submit them by e-mail and indicate “Instructed Eucharist question” in the subject line.

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Annual Parish Meeting

In our life together as an Episcopal congregation, we gather annually to consider our experiences through the last year and our hopes and intentions for our mission as a congregation in the year to come.  Reports will be received from ministry leaders and coordinators, and elections will be held.  Positions open include: warden (two-year term), three vestry members (three-year terms), three diocesan convention delegates (one-year term), three alternate diocesan convention delegates (one-year term), and six Woodbury Convocation delegates (one-year term).



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