Blessing of the Animals

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Blessing of the Animals
2:00 PM COR
03 Oct

Get your pet blessed! This outdoor Fair and Service of Blessing allows us to bless those pets and animals who have so richly blessed us.
2-3:30pm, Outdoor Resource Fair with local pet care and support vendors: Adrienne’s Pet Grooming, SJ Regional Animal Shelter, pet care and support, homemade pet treats, and more!
3:30pm, Outdoor Service of Blessing of the Animals. You and your pet can participate in different ways: 1) Bring your pet on a leash or in a container for a blessing, or 2) Bring your stuffed animal for a blessing, or 3) Bring a photo of your pet – an actual photo or one on your phone – for a blessing; or 4) Bring a photo or remembrance of your deceased pet for a special prayer