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Episcopalians are members of an historic Christian denomination in the Anglican tradition, known in the United States as the Episcopal Church, and we worship according to The Book of Common Prayer (1979). As Christians, we believe in an all-powerful God, manifest in human form as Jesus Christ, whom we accept as savior. We hold the Bible as the basis of our faith and the Nicene and Apostles' creeds as statements of our faith; we recognize the sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion, and we claim the historic episcopate, that is, the continuity of the line of bishops since the time of Jesus. In our practice of faith, we utilize the Anglican balance of the three pillars of faith, reason, and tradition.


Church of the Resurrection is a member of the Episcopal Diocese of New Jersey and the Anglican Communion, in continuing relationship with Episcopalians in the United States and Anglicans worldwide. In 2008, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Bridgeton, and Trinity Episcopal Church, Vineland, entered a partnership, the Episcopal Shared Ministry of Cumberland County (ESMCC). In 2014, the two congregations consolidated into Church of the Resurrection, a county-wide Episcopal ministry that shares locations, buildings, and resources in order to strengthen our regional outreach.


We are an inclusive faith community. We encourage independent thinking and welcome you to full participation in our worship and ministries.

Better Together: Congregations in Collaboration Look Towards the Future (click here to see video)

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