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Leadership is shared by many people in the congregation.  These persons have been elected or appointed to serve in these positions.  Please contact them, regarding their particular areas of oversight.

Acolytes – Mr Les Meehan, Ms Jeannette St. John

Altar Flowers – Ms Maryalice Robinson

Altar Guild – Ms Marge Miller

Episcopal Church Women – Ms Joanne Gallagher

Music – Mr Paul Bracaliello

Children's Formation & Youth Group - Grace McClean

Verger – Mr Chuck Miller

Senior Warden – Mr Ed Bowman

Junior Warden – Mr John Pearson Jr

Treasurer – Mr. Russell Cooper

Clerk – Ms Donna Cooper

Vestrymembers –


Michelle Alston-Harrell
Sonia Burgher-Gayle
Donna Cooper
Joanne Gallagher
Carol Gurzo
Brittney Ingersoll
Les Meehan
Chuck Miller
Newlin Williams