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Summertime!  Kids & Volunteers



A week of Bible-based learning and fun at

Maker Fun Factory: Created by God, built for a purpose


In Millville, Vacation Bible School (VBS) is Sun, Aug 6 through Thurs, Aug 10, 5:45pm ‘till 8pm.  Enjoy Bible stories, games, crafts, snacks, and music, as we "become hands-on inventors and experience God--the ultimate Maker--in new and wildly creative ways!" The program is free to participants. 


To register, please leave a message at (856) 691-1589


To volunteer, please contact our VBS coordinator, Joanne Gallagher





Reading Camp 2016,

in Millville, Mon, Aug 21 through Fri, Aug 25, 8:30am 'till 3pm,

has been cancelled, due to low registration


Each morning, students benefit from intensive reading instruction with certified teachers; each afternoon, we enjoy recreational activities and field trips.  Reading Camp is designed for rising 3rd and 4th grade students, who are reading at least one-year behind reading level.  There is no cost to participating students.  Breakfast and lunch provided.

Interested in applying to be a student camper?  Please contact Ellen Rutherford or (609) 319-9234.

Interested in being a volunteer?  We need kitchen helpers, games and activities coordinators, teacher assistants, and reading buddies.  If you can help, contact Ellen Rutherford or (609) 319-9234.

Help a child enjoy reading!



Read a book this summer...


Smallbooks 08


The Book Discussion Group meets on Tuesdays, 11:30 am to 12:30 pm, at St Andrew's (B).  This summer, the book selection is Katherine Towler's The Penny Poet of Portsmouth (Counterpoint, 2016).  Join us for a good read and good discussion, or read the book on your own and enjoy.  Books ($16) are available from Rev. Ellen.



Moving Into Fall  



This Fall, we explore the theme of Living Generously: A call to abundant life, utilizing the materials from The Episcopal Network for Stewardship (TENS).  “To live generously is to live a life, defined by grace, mercy, and justice.  Honesty and generosity in our financial dealings, kindness with one another, and a continuous searching for the fullness of God’s call to each of us and to all of us as a gathered congregation.  Our call invites us, first, to worship and glorify God who has created, restored, and sustains us in the image of God; we are invited to learn and teach one another as we understand the faith that has been transmitted to us; and we are called to make use of our resources in such a way that all are welcome and cared for in ways that are encouraging and hopeful.  The abundance that God has given to the world, is the abundance that each of us enjoys and shares with others.  Learning to live generously will transform our individual lives, our families and church community, and the wider community.”


Join us as we dig deeper into the faith we treasure.



Learning About How We Pray: Instructed Eucharist 


On October 23rd, 10 am, we will explore an Instructed Eucharist as the principal worship service of the day.  This service will feature a narration to explain various parts of the service.   On October 23rd, the narration will address questions about the liturgy that have been submitted by congregation members over the last two months.  We will continue this offering periodically throughout the year.  If you have a question regarding the worship service, please submit them by e-mail and indicate “Instructed Eucharist question” in the subject line. 


Youth Group


Youth Group begins this fall with a first meeting on Thursday, Sept 7; 6pm; at St John Bosco (M). 


Young people (grades 6-12) are invited to join the group.  Each meeting will include these four elements:

1. Sharing basic Bible study,

2. Learning foundational ways of Christian living,

3. articipating in opportunities for service, and

4. Having fun together.


Interested? Contact Rev Ellen or a member of the Youth Group Advisory Team:

Joanne Gallagher, Grace McClean, Alex Molnar, Denise Molner